Yahoo with more web traffic than Google

People shouldn’t be surprised that Yahoo is now the leader of the internet traffic.

Yahoo has made a series of acquisitions over the last year and it is no surprise that the erstwhile search engine leader is now back in business.

Yahoo has made a huge number of startup acquisitions, both in the mobile sphere and otherwise. Rockmelt, the social web browsing company, was recently acquired. Before that it took over Admotive, the mobile ad group. And even before that Xobni, the mobile management start up, was acquired.

With so many acquisitions higher traffic was bound to happen and it has happened with Yahoo.

Tumblr also contributed to Yahoo’s growth since it became a part of the group in May 2012 for $1.1 billion. It is now the 30th most popular site.

Counting Tumblr’s 38,367 million and Yahoo’s 196 million, the total is significantly larger than Google’s 192 million. The spending seems to have paid off.

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