Pensioners Boycott Bingo after being threatened by a Knife

Residents of a sheltered housing complex in Dundee boycotting their Bingo game after being threatened by a woman with a knife during a game.

During a heated argument in the game, a visitor allegedly took out a knife. She was immediately thrown out by the bosses. When she was allowed to join the game again, the OAPs protested.

The pensioners have refused to play until the woman is restricted from participating in the game. They are annoyed at not being approached before the woman was allowed back in the game.

The incident took place during the usual weekend bingo gatherings at Dundeeā€™s Russell Place Complex. Marry Morrison, one of the OAPs, has voiced her opinion that all they want is a fair solution to the problem.

The woman is said to have caused mayhem during an ongoing game. The pensioners decided not to play till the woman is kept out of the game. Sandra Lorimer, another OAP, said that the woman could be dangerous for their friends who regularly come to the complex.

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