Windows 8 range expanded by Nokia Lumia 620

Nokia has now added a third member to its family of Windows 8 smartphones by launching of Lumia 620.

Nokia Lumia 620 now joins the Lumia 820 and the flagship Lumia 920 as the most affordable Windows 8 smartphone model from Nokia’s.

The key feature of Lumia 620 is the Dual Shot addition – it can create a wide array of textures and colors by casting two layers of polycarbonate, a single layer as base and a second layer that could be translucent or transparent and also secondary color blends.

Lumia 620 is the cheapest of the Windows 8 series but it has a 3.8 inch display with the same sunlight readability enhancements that can be found in the 820 and 920. It also has the Nokia exclusive camera lenses – Smart Shoot and Cinemagraph included.

Lumia 620 also has Live Tiles for direct updates to the Start Screen and PeopleHub for social media notifications.

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