William Stasior hired by Apple

William Stasior was, until recently, the chief of search and navigation at Amazon.

He now moves to Apple to head Siri.

Stasior has had previous experience of working for AltaVista. He was in charge of A9, the search and search advertising unit of Amazon.

Apple expected a lot from Siri but it has not performed as per expectations. Performance has gone down after the excitement of the new launch died down and usage has also fallen. However, the voice assistant function is still in the Beta stage and Apple is again hoping big that it will have great potential.

All of us know that Apple recently got rid of Google Maps and the grapevine says that its ultimate objective is to remove it as a search option. It would instead look to use its new technology.

Is hiring Stasior a sign that Apple is ready to ditch Google for good? Time will tell.

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