William Hill rumored to take over Probability

British bookmaker William Hill is planning for a massive expansion in the mobile domain with its rumored takeover of Probability.

There has been widespread coverage about this news in the financial press but we believe that the talks are still in their preliminary stage.

Probability is, for sure, one of the most well known names in the UK in the gambling domain. The liberal regulatory climate in the UK ensures that gambling in the country remains the most advanced throughout the world.

Probability provides back end support and technology to run mobile gambling services. It also has its own customer interface brands like Ladylucks.

William Hill is, of course, is one of the largest British bookmakers with headquarters in Wood Greens in London and Leeds in Yorkshire.

Publicity has stated that as per the City rules, William Hill must make clear their intention to take over the firm by making an offer before 5 pm on October 17th.

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