Will the next Nexus phablet be built by Asustek?

Google has always managed to handpick its partner device makers so that its flagship Nexus device can show its Android OS in the best light.

While HTC was chosen to build the first ever Nexus, Samsung was given the job to build the next two. At the same time Motorola built a tablet called Xoom.

As per Digitimes, Asustek of Taiwan will get the next Google job of building a hybrid between a phone and a tablet. The new device will possibly be called a phablet. The move comes as a counter to the hype created by similar devices that are being worked upon by HTC, LG, Samsung and well, Amazon.

Shipping for $199 to $249 could start in May and the phablet will have Google Play, the revamped app store, preloaded.

This could do wonders for Asustek, the poster boy for the original netbook book, something that suffered at the hands of the tablet. is the home of mobile bingo – our current favourite is mmmBingo.


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