Web traffic on iPad goes down to 40%

Web traffic on the iPhone had a big dip earlier in 2013 but it has now been regaining numbers.

As per 51Degrees.mobi web traffic on the iPhone now stands at just over 60%.

The web traffic on the iPad also took a hit in 2012 and reached an all time low of 35%. But like the iPhone traffic, the iPad traffic also rose significantly until it reached almost the same levels as the iPhone web traffic.

However, while the iPhone saw its web traffic increase persistently, the iPad again saw a dip in web traffic immediately after it surged. As of now the web traffic generated through the iPad stands at around 40%.

The decline of Apple iPad sales has contributed to the decline of the web traffic on the device. The iPad saw a 14% dip in sales in June this year and from 17 million units a year before it sold 14.6 million units.

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