Vringo launches Facetones

Vringo has been one of the video ringtone pioneers and has now come up with Facetones, a product that updates the concept with extras from social media.

Facetones will create a slideshow with photos of friends on social networking sites and will play this slideshow video each time a call is made or received. The initial slideshow is being created using photos from Facebook.

BlueVia is promoting the service. Mstore, the Telephonice Application Store, is where the service will be initially available in various global markets. There will be an ad supported version initially and it will become a paid service later on.

Andrew Perlman, President, Vringo, is delighted that they have a heavyweight partner in the form of Telefonica because this will help them rapidly expand this service. The launch in the Spanish speaking markets will also contribute to the growth.

Vringo has its video ringtone service available in eight markets worldwide.


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