Veros Digital commitment for HD entertainment platform from Antix Labs

Veros Digital is committed to the HD entertainment platform of Antix Labs and together they will produce gaming apps for the Antix Game Player and fully utilize the Antix Game Service and store.

“Play for fun”, the new generation of games will offer prizes and will be launched by Veros Digital across tablets, phones and TVs that use the Antix Game Player.

Adam Prichard, Business Development Director at Antix, said that Veros is most advanced in gambling and play-for-fun applications across home, shop and mobile.

Angus Wood, Veros Digital CTO, said that Verox will use Antix for launching the best-in-class media across a wide range of TVs, set-top boxes, phones and tablets. Antix provides remarkable functionality and enables use cases that can’t be achieved with others.

The partnership will increase media qualities in the gaming marketplace and make truly ubiquitous apps for homes and mobile devices. The products are going to be differentiated and more fun.

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