Urban Airship to use iBeacon for push messaging

Urban Airship has come up with its next-gen marketing solution to combine push messaging with iBeacon technology.

The solution also includes real-time mobile marketing automation and audience segmentation.

Marketers and advertisers can use this technology to deliver relevant mobile experiences to customers, thus keeping them loyal and engaged.

For every consumer interaction like tapping on a landing page or using the push message or proximity with an iBeacon the content will become more personalized and targeted.

This release will allow marketers to quickly react to campaign results and approach both active and inactive users. Inactive users can be sent push messages to remind them that the service is available for them.

There will now be less dependency on developers to real-time and responsive experiences at scale because marketers can now take a more direct ownership of business outcomes.

CEA recently used iBeacon to power a scavenger hunt hosted at CES 2014.


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