Up to 30% of social games revenue to come from in-apps

The popularity of freemium games is on the rise and developers are profiting from in-app items.

Advertising has already prompted the Office of Fair Trading to state that ‘children should not be pressured’ by marketing. It also added that legal action will be taken if it is so.

But the space is highly lucrative as demonstrated by Appnext, the games monetisation network. Appnext recently expanded to mobiles and claims that its social games developers are making between 10% and 30% through in-app advertising.

The data dispels the general thought that virtual items make the most money for social games, the reason being that ads were not too relevant and too intrusive.

Appnext runs ads as interactive interstitials that only appear on a level being failed or when a game session is finished. Additionally, Appnext also uses a recommendation-based ad format to suggest similar games.

The story is apparently same across the industry.


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