UK PO goes big on NFC

The growth of NFC payment readers has been steadily increasing in the UK.

There are now about 100,000 terminals installed in various parts of the country including cafes, transport hubs and newsagents. All these readers can accept card payments of up to £20.

Now there is going to be further enhancement in the NFC domain with the UK Post Office adding NFC capability to 11,500 of its branches. The number is supposed to go up to 30,000.

June will see the start of the first installations. 200 branches around the London Olympics sites will be targeted first. The entire activity of installing NFC terminals across the country should be over by the end of October this year.

Lesley Sewell, CIO – Post Office Limited has said that customers will get huge benefits from these contactless NFC terminals. They will not only get an additional option to transact but will also be able to transact faster.

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