UK LTE trial extended by Everything Everywhere

Ofcom has been forced to do overseas study to understand LTE signal sharing processes due to the squabble happening in Britain on this issue.

Ofcom wants to ensure that another year doesn’t go by without Britons enjoying LTE. LTE is supposed to boost Internet speeds and also connects rural areas that don’t have signals yet.

Everything Everywhere, the T-Mobile and Orange parent, has been given an extended license to test LTE with BT Wholesale around the Cornwall area of St. Newlyn. 180 select customers were given the broadband last October and they will continue their usage till June. Huawei and Nokia-Siemens are also offering their support for this trial. These customers either had no broadband or struggles for speeds below 2Mbps. They are now enjoying Internet speeds of up to 7Mbps.

Olaf Swantee, CEO – Everything Everywhere, believes that 4G will drive economic growth and create jobs and create a competitive economy in Britain.

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