UK consumers received 1.3 million e-readers as Christmas gifts

E-readers dominated this UK holiday season gift scene.

Stats from YouGov’s Technology and Telecoms state that 1 in 40 UK adults received an e-reader as their Christmas gift or bought them as gifts for others or for themselves.

61% of all Kindles were received by women. People 55 years of age and above were twice as likely to receive Kindles as 18 to 24 year olds. Of the 640,000 tablets gifted, 72% were to women. Women also received 60% of all Apple products as gifts.

As per Marek Vaygelt, Head of Technology and Telecoms Consulting, YouGov, this is the first century when the age old custom of printed books was challenged by a digital alternative.

Marek also said that it’s amazing the way Amazon has sold the concept of e-readers and the benefit for the publishing industry is that they are selling more e-books to e-reader owners then they were when these people didn’t have e-readers.

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