UK consumers now more aware of their mobile security

Virtual Private Network apps are being downloaded throughout UK as more people now want to protect their online sessions.

This is as per research done by AnchorFree, an internet security firm.

AnchorFree has a free Hotspot Shield VPN that has seen a 434% spike in use last year in the UK. The number of total global installs of the VPN has seen a massive 865% spike.

The surge in downloads is attributed to increasing awareness of various cyber threats. There were 44 million attacks in 2011 in UK alone, leading to an increasing number of downloads.

Gartner has already estimated that mobiles will become the most common web access tool in 2013. With three billion people estimated to use the internet by 2016 the annual cyber crime cost could reach £27 billion. Cyber criminals continue to exploit unprotected Wi-Fi networks and lax mobile security.

Anti-virus is good but not enough and hence the popularity of VPN.

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