Twitter has more than 100 million active monthly users

Twitter has crossed the mark of 100 million active monthly users and 55% of this number of users log in using their mobile phones.

This information comes from CEO Dick Costolo during a press conference on updates about the growth of Twitter. A post has also been done on this figure on the official Twitter blog.

The post talks about the 100 million worldwide that use Twitter to share what they think and also to find out what is happening around them and all over the world. The post informed that 40% of the users log into Twitter just to see what is happening the world over.

As per NextWeb, the 55 million number is a 40% increase quarter on quarter and every day 1 billion tweets are now posted. The number of mobile tweets is 40% of the total tweets and hence, we are looking at 400 million mobile tweets a day.

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