Tungle acquired by RIM

Tungle, the Quebec based the cloud based calendar management is now part of the BlackBerry platform, RIM having acquired it now.

This is an all Canadian deal that is expected to benefit both. Tungle lets users share their schedules across multiple channels like mobiles, desktops and cloud based calendars.

A variety of applications have Tungle working across them and some of the names worth mentioning are Google, Facebook, Plancast, iCal, LotusLive, LotusNotes, Windows Live, Outlook, Triplt and Yahoo!.

VP Collaboration and Social Networking at RIM, Tom Goguen said that BlackBerry is a fantastic solution for users to connect with other people and use information that matter to them most throughout the day.

With the acquisition of Tungle, RIM will be able to add cloud based, cross platform calendar capabilities to its BlackBerry platform and heighten customer experience with the device. Tungle will further help BlackBerry users to get things done easier and better.

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