Town where everyone is asked to use Twitter

Twitter is a powerful tool for businesses and brands and the company recently launched an initiative to make its ads more relevant for clients and consumers.

Twitter has now revealed its widespread use in the town of Jun in Spain where Mayor José Antonio Rodríguez wants the local government employees to use Twitter. He also encourages residents to use tweets.

Rodríguez is a firm believer in technology to make local government employees more accountable and accessible. In Jun Twitter logos and usernames can be seen on uniforms, police cars and rubbish trucks.

Rodríguez also uses live Twitter feeds during council and town meetings and creates agendas depending on what the townspeople want.

Twitter has recently faces issues with hackers and has placed mobile at the heart of security enhancements.

The company, of course, claims to have been born for mobile and wants companies to focus more on mobile devices than desktops.

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