TinyCo announces 50% revenue sharing with developers

Mobile gaming company TinyCo will share revenues with developers that successfully bring them traffic and integrate their brand.

The company recently opened its $18m studio in Vancouver and will split 50% with developers and even more if they can provide customers that spend inside a game.

The program is called Tiny Partners and it is aimed at lowering user acquisition costs. It works by giving other developers the chance to integrate the Tiny brand into their games through links to TinyCo games and virtual goods.

TinyCo will give developers artwork and ads to embed in their games and drive users to TinyCo’s games, Tiny Village and Tiny Monsters for instance.

TinyCo will benefit from better conversion rates and higher clicks from ads aimed at gamers playing the same game. The revenue sharing program applies to the lifetime value generated by users who come via the ad. Profit cut? Yes. But TinyCo doesn’t have to pay upfront for ads.

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