Tim Green kickstarts Monetising Mobile

Tim Green, ME Executive Editor, kicked off the Monetising Mobile event at BAFTA in London by stating that mobile payments is an exciting area due to different reasons.

He said that a lot of exciting things are happening in various areas and especially in the mobile payments domain.

Mr. Green started off the conference by giving an overview of the mobile payments domain and he quoted General Researcher’s prediction of more than $633 billion value in mobile payments.

There was some history in his presentation where he talked about the days when Crazy Frog minted money through premium SMS billing and then he moved on to the era of App Stores to the point where flexible billing APIs are now letting content publishers to establish their own payments system.

Mr. Green referred to Orange’s announcement last week and also spoke about Square and iZettle and the fact that 23% of payments are now being made through mobiles in Kenya.

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