Three month trail of mobile TV network by O2, Orange and Vodafone

U.K.’s three leading mobile operators, O2, Orange and Vodafone, will run the trial of a mobile TV network, which has been scheduled for this autumn.

The motive behind the introduction of mobile TV network was the decision by Integrated Mobile Broadcast technology to take some burden off the shoulders of the current networks. Watching TV straight from the mobile will now be made possible owing to the increasing multitasking capacity of mobile phones.

The Head of technology research and development of the Vodafone group, Luke Ibbetson, has stated the future prospects of this new venture. The potential of delivering broadcast will be explored by Vodafone through the introduction of the new mobile TV network.

3G spectrum will be used by Integrated Mobile Broadcast technology to make sure that the signals are not clogged with phone calls and texts. Mobile TV network will be used as a full application after a three month trial period, which will determine the success of the project in future.

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