Tesco Mobile Joins iPhone Price Bandwagon

Tesco Mobile has announced tempting offers for iPhone buyers.

It has posed tough competition to the rival service providers of the iPhone by offering users a deal of £222 for the 8GB iPhone 3G. This can be paid in a 12 month contract at £20 per month. 

£60 of flexible credit is included in this deal that can be used by the customer. The 16GB iPhone 3G will be available for £60 per month, payable for two years. This offer includes unlimited texts and calls. This is the cheapest deal available with the iPhone.  

Tesco Mobile also plans to sell the iPhone on prepay. The deal will entitle the user to enjoy BT’s OpenZone WiFi service in UK for a minimum of one year.

Soon everyone and their Gran will own a high-tech smart phone – and mobile bingo will be bigger than online bingo!?

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