Tesco Hudl launched at a good time

Tesco has spent time and money in the past few years to get into the technology market.

The Tesco Mobile network was launched and this was followed by the purchase of e-book firm Mobcast, launch of Clubcard TV and recently the Hudl tablet.

Hudl went on sale on 30 September and Tesco shouldn’t be unhappy with eMarketer’s claims that tablets will be owned by 20 million UK consumers this year. As per eMarketer the UK market has crossed the early adoption stage and 50% of the population will have tablets by 2017.

As per eMarketer the usage surge is due to the availability of cheaper models like the Amazon Kindle Fire and Tesco Hudl. These are cheaper alternatives to the iPad. Although 59% of the population will use the iPad in 2013, single digit growth will start in 2014 and continue through 2017. The fastest adopting age group will be under 12 and over 65.


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