TeePee Games aiming to resolve all problems in mobile and online gaming

TeePee Games has aimed to resolve the discovery problems that it has been facing in mobile and online gaming.

This will be done by creating user profiles and recommending smart to them. TeePee Games is already the proud owner of more than 150 Android games, 400 Facebook games and more than 2,500 flash based games available for discovery. It has partnership with Hit Point Studios, Wooga, EA, Zynga, Playdom and Digital Chocolate.

The new app is free for Facebook users and allows them to use Facebook to access TeePee Games directly. Tony Pearce, CEO, has been ecstatic about the new app that has attracted more than 100,000 monthly active users that have signed up in record short time.

He has committed that TeePee Games has been working actively to resolve all the problems being faced by users. This is being achieved by making personalized recommendations based on their online habits and interests.


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