Tablet sales will cross 780m in 2016

Apple’s sales of 17 million iPads in QIII meant an 84% rise y-on-y and supports the claim by Strategy Analytics that tablet sales worldwide are on course to surpass the 780 million milestone by 2016.

While the Apple tablet has been adopted by the masses a long way still needs to be traversed by the tablets to become ubiquitous. The low cost Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire designs are further set to stimulate the market’s future growth.

As per Peter King, Director – Tablets & Touchscreen strategies, Strategy Analytics, a quarter of the entire global installed base of tablets will be represented in the Asia Pacific region. Asia Pacific will become the region for the largest number of tablet owners, nudging ahead of North America.

As per Strategy Analytics Japan, India and China, which together cover 76% of Asia volumes of tablets, will be the big three countries in terms of tablet ownership.

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