Tablet for girlfriend for $125

There is no end to the popularity of tablets but their price is making them out of reach for many.

When someone finds it difficult to afford the $199 Kindle, the $499 iPad is definitely not something they will be looking out for.

One of the people who cannot such expensive tablets is Wei Xinlong, a Chinese student. So, he chose another option to gift his girlfriend Sun Sasha a tablet. He used an old laptop worth $78, accessed some “how to” videos online, used his innovation and came up with a fully functional tablet worth $125.

What he created is a Windows 7 touchscreen device with almost the same height and width as that of the iPad.

It is said that Wei took 10 days to build this tablet. His girlfriend can use it for browsing the Internet, watching videos and reading e-books. Sun added the finishing touch by adding rhinestones to the edges.

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