Symbian is still the No. 1 mobile OS

Symbian ruled the smartphone space for years.

But, even though people now think that the devices running on this OS were clumsy and not best suited for app downloads, browsing and emails and so on.

Then Android and iOS came into the market and they revealed the inadequacy of Symbian… so much so that Nokia was finally persuaded to switch to WinPho for its top end mobile devices even though it was considered the de-facto owner of Symbian, an open source OS.

As per data received from StatCounter unscrambled by The Royal Pingdom, Symbian was still 11 percentage points ahead of iOS at the end of 2011.

From 30.25% in Jan it climbed to 33.59% in Dec in terms of its percentage share of web pages browsed. In comparison, iOS had 22.56% share in Dec, Android had 21.74% share and BlackBerry had 7.86% share. In the case of BlackBerry, its share was halved in comparison to Jan.

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