Steve Jobs in action

All of us know how Steve Jobs started Apple and how he quit and how he came back to turn the company around.

All of us know about the blow that Steve Jobs dealt to Nokia, considered the ubiquitous leader in mobile phones. All of us know about the demise of Steve Jobs. And all of us know what an icon he was.

Now Steve Jobs has been immortalized by inlcons, a toy company. They have unveiled a 30 cm figurine of Steve Jobs. It looks exactly like what Steve used to look like – black turtleneck, jeans, rimless glasses, a stool with the “One More Thing” backdrop.

As expected and in line with all the other tribute dolls, this one is also rather creepy. The Jobs figurine is slated for release next month and the price would be $99.99. No news of any nemesis like figurines is out as yet.

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