Starbucks boosts mobile arm with wireless charging in-store

Starbucks is looking to cater to its mobile wielding customers using apps, mobile payments and mobile tipping.

It is now looking to continue the trend and plans to introduce wireless charging platforms that will allow customers to charge their mobile handsets while they sip on their coffee.

This new service is powered by partnership with Duracell. Duracell will do a trial run of the charging service in selected stores scattered across Silicon Valley.

The new tarmac will allow customers to charge their mobile phones quickly and easily while they are inside Starbucks stores. The coffee giant believes that this is what the customers expect and this is why they are offering this service.

Starbucks will also increase its menu of m-commerce services in 2013. This is being planned because last month’s figures show that 10% of all payments in the US are made through mobiles and this figure is bound to go up.

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