Square mobile payment dongles now available in 1,000 AT&T stores

Square is miles ahead of others in the hotness quotient when it comes to mobile payments service of its kind.

Its popularity is evident what with numerous copycats appearing everywhere to imitate its mobile card swiping dongle innovation.

Now, AT&T has signed up as its retail partner and will stock Square Card Readers in more than 1,000 stores of its. This means that the total number of available suppliers is going to go past 20,000.

Jeffrey Kolovson, Head Retail Distribution, Square, said that AT&T stores are among the most convenient retail destinations for purchasing Square Card Readers. These stores offer entrepreneurs the chance to buy all the devices so that they can run their business in one place.

The Square Card Reader makes it easy for businesses to start and grow by using only a mobile device.

The dongle is available for an RRP of $9.95 and new users will receive a singing up rebate of $10.

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