Social gaming service created by MoMinis

MoMinis from Israel is now offering a mobile gaming platform called MoMinis Studio.

Now developers can create multi format versions of the same game in one build and can distribute the titles using specified channels.

PlayScape is their new creation and it has a total of 50 titles. Players can transfer their experience points and bonuses from one game to another and use them to reach advanced levels and purchase virtual items.

While developing the service MoMinis made an analysis of the behavior pattern of players on more than 200 games that were developed with the MoMinis Studio. This analysis allowed them to create PlayScape, an engaging game for tablet and smartphone users.

During the test phase the download to paying customer conversion rate was between 5 and 12 percent and ever since the game was uploaded in the Android market on November 10, the average number of downloads per day is 35,000. is the home of mobile bingo – our current favourite is mmmBingo.


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