Snapchat for Twitter and Pinterest and Flipboard for Yahoo

2014 is going to see some big buyouts in the market, reports CCS Insight.

Snapchat had rebuffed $3 billion and $4 billion buyout bids from Facebook and Google respectively but is expected to be bought over by Twitter.

Snapchat had rebuffed the previous offers because it wanted to see what new offers are forthcoming in 2014. It also wanted to increase its user base to be able to command better bids from prospective buyers.

Yahoo spent a billion on Tumblr and its fetish with startups continues as it is expected to take over Pinterest and Flipboard.

Yahoo is looking to further bolster its presence in the mobile space and both Pinterest and Flipboard tally with the other media assets of Yahoo. With established services across Android and iOS from these two platforms Yahoo will be looking to engage more in this space and drive revenues through the mobile advertising sector.

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