Snapchat account details out in the open

As per VentureBeat 4.6 million users of Snapchat have had their information published thanks to the platform being hacked. Gibson, an Australian firm had already researched about the security weaknesses in the platform.

It has been reported that the usernames and mobile numbers of the users were published in a website with the last two digits of the numbers being cut off. It is not clear whether the information is genuine.

One can find whether your name is in the list by using Dazzlepod. It is a website that informs whether someone has had their details published and a searchable version of the list is also available.

Gibson’s research was published on Christmas Day stated that Snapchat were aware of the security risk four months before the hack happened and they could have fixed the risk by using just 10 lines of codes.

Snapchat has finally accepted Twitter’s buyout offer.

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