Smurfs’ Village out-grosses Angry Birds

All the buzz around Angry Birds by Rovio has perhaps not allowed people to realize that it is being grossed out by Capcom’s Smurfs’ Village game for iPhone.

Smurfs’ Village from Capcom is ahead of Angry Birds in both the UK and US app stores and it has even got listed in the charts for the top grossing games.

All this is very surprising because while Angry Birds is making money through its $0.99 download cost, Smurfs’ Village is making money from in-app payments for its smurfberries virtual currency.

Smurfs’ Village is, after all, a freemium game and this is an indicator that these games are now spinning big money on iPhone.

Smurfs’ Village joined other freemium games like We Rule Quests, Touch Pets Cats, Zombie Farm, Trade Nations, Tap Zoo, Texas Poker, Kingdoms At War, FarmVille and Restaurant Story in the Top 20 Grossing Games Chart in the US.

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