Smartphones out-ship future phones in Western Europe

With the popularity of smartphones soaring across consumers in Western Europe it is but obvious that there is a steep decline in the shipment of future phones.

This information is as per IDC. As per the latest figures received, smartphones shipments are now at 21.8 million units, up by 48% while future phones are at 20.4 million units, down by 29%.

The biggest smartphone OS, as per the same research, is Android. Android commands a whopping 48.5% of all shipments. However, the mobile industry has had an overall decline of 3% year on year with 42.2 million units shipped during the quarter in Western Europe.

As per Francisco Jeronimo, IDC European Mobile Device Research Manager, smartphones are now the dominant players in the Western European market. Vendors with stronger portfolios are now in a consolidation phase. The Android OS of Sony Ericsson, HTC and Samsung has snapped shares from Symbian of Nokia which now moves to Windows.

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