Smartphone market out-ships PC market by 73 million

The smartphone market keeps surging ahead as the desktop market stutters.

Canalys reported 487.7 million smartphones devices shipped in 2011 compared to 414.6 million units of PCs.

This means a 62.7% rise for the smartphone market from 2010 to 2011 and only 14.8% rise in the PC market for the same period. This report considered desktops, netbooks, notebooks and tablets under PC.

Canalys VP and Principal Analyst Chris Jones said that smartphone growth is due to greater availability at lower prices.

Canalys also predicts a slowdown in the smartphone market in 2012 what with Huawei and ZTE focusing on profit increase through high end devices while moving away from the low end market.

But that may not be the case with Apple having already proved the mass popularity of its high end devices. Apple played a huge role in the growth of both the markets with huge demands for its iPhone and iPad.

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