Smartphone Market is reviving the Handset Market

According to market watch, Smartphones make up for 18% of the sales volume of all the handsets sold at the moment.

According to Tom Kang, Director, Strategy Analytics, Smartphones have been largely responsible for getting the handset industry out of recession. Healthy operator subsidies, competition between vendors and a growing input of low cost handset models using operating software like Symbian and Android are driving sales at the moment.

Strategy Analytics made further studies on the global Smartphone market for in the first quarter and came out with data that shows that Nokia managed to ship 21.5 million Smartphones all over the world – a record. Thanks to boosting markets in China, Africa, Middle East and South America, Nokia has been able to boost sales by 57% from a year earlier. RIM came second at 10.6 million, followed by Apple at 8.8 million. Others contributed 12.8 million, taking the total market size to 53.7 million.

Nokia led the market with 40.0% market share, followed by RIM at 19.7%, Apple at 16.4% and others at 23.8%.

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