Smartphone battery use reduced by 74% using a new device

A device has now been developed by Finnish experts that sits somewhere between a smartphone and its network and acts as a passage through which the phone can connect to the Internet and handle most data transfer.

According to Physorg, this will help save the smartphone 74% of its battery power consumption.

Mobile Internet adoption in developing countries has been slow due to the large energy consumption that is needed. This is what the Finnish researchers are planning to change through this device.

Prof Jukka Manner of Aalto University said that this solution is particularly valuable in the developing countries because of its ability to provide more effective Internet access to a larger number of people. Although 90% of the population in Africa lives in regions with mobile connectivity, only a small percentage can access the Internet using a wired connection. They can now use this device to recharge their phones and use it to access Internet. is the home of mobile bingo – our current favourite is mmmBingo.


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