Sky Box Office has now become Sky Store

Until Sky Box Office changed to Sky Store it was the movie component of Sky Anytime+, the video on demand service.

It is now being repositioned as a service that will offer more than just a few pay-per-view titles per month. It is now being repositioned as an online movie library that boasts more than 1,000 titles. One can watch the movies on their mobile, PC or TV.

Every new release will cost £3.49 per month and £3.99 per month on HD. The back catalog titles can be viewed for prices between £1.99 and £2.49 for HD. Special offers from Sky Store will start at 99p. This means Sky Store is offering older movies from their library at a 50p cheaper price than LoveFilm and iTunes.

Ian Lewis, Director – Sky Movies, said that Sky Store will offer comprehensive movie rentals to those users that love to watch pay-per-view movies. They can rent a huge number of movies now.

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