SK Telecom CEO gets the boot

KT won the exclusive iPhone bid in Korea.

Since then the company has dominated the smartphone space in the market. Both KT and SK Telecom had bid for this exclusive right for Appleā€™s landmark product. As a result of its loss in the market share to KT, SK Telecom has announced that it is going to sack its CEO Chung Man-Won.

As of November 2010, the total number of smartphone users has gone up to 6.2 million. The number is a huge improvement from December 2009 when the number was 806,000. In the smartphone device sector, iPhone is the runaway leader.

In a subsequent announcement, SK Telecom said that the new CEO to follow Chung Man-Won is going to be Ha Sung-Min. Along with him the company has also announced the name of the new head of platform business for the company. Seo Jin-Woo will take up this position.

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