Shipment of quad-core smartphones reached 40 million in 2012

High-end smartphone shipments exceeded 40 million worldwide in 2012 and the overall smartphone sales grew by nearly 47% by reaching 690 million in 2012 from 470 million in 2011.

This stat has been published by Berg Insight.

The growth was primarily bolstered by sales of high-end smartphones with unsubsidized retail prices in excess of $527 and low cost smartphones priced around $100 and below.

Smartphones with dual-core application processors were initially launched in 2011 and offered more than 2-times the power of existing devices. Quad-core handsets were launched in 2012 and offered mobile users a wide range of high-end smartphones to choose from across a wide range of prices. And the mobile users just lapped them up.

Berg has also predicted that almost all the projected 1.5 billion smartphones sold in 2017 will posses at least dual-core processors. It is also projected that a majority of the smartphones will have quad-core processors.

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