Samsung starts 2014 with -4.6% decrease in stock prices

Analysts believe that Samsung will see profits in the mobile sector but as per TechCrunch it will lag behind compared to the previous quarter.

2014 hasn’t started well for the Korean giant as it began the year with a 4.6% loss in stock prices. This has resulted in over $8 billion loss in market value.

The price pressure in the smartphone market is impacting Samsung – the launch of Google Nexus is making higher end mobiles being made available to consumers at lower end prices. This has resulted in investors losing faith in Samsung’s mobile business where future gains in the market are believed to be coming to an end.

Google has also slashed the prices of two more devices, Moto X is now priced at $399 and Moto G is available at $179.

Samsung has to pull down prices to compete in the market and this is bound to reduce its profits in the mobile space.

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