Samsung reports Q4 revenues of 42 billion with 4.7 billion profits

The latest financial results of Samsung clearly point to a two horse race in the mobile hardware space while Nokia, Motorola and RIM are in transition and/or decline.

It is all about Apple and Samsung at the moment while the others lie in the distant background.

Apple edged Samsung with $46.3 billion in revenues in Q4 but Samsung is consistently bringing in truckloads of cash. Samsung had an operating profit of $4.7 billion in Q4 of 2011, an increase in $1.8 billion year on year.

Samsung’s boom has been largely fueled by its mobile division. Samsung sold 300 million devices and this contributed to 40% of the total sales of $42 billion. Mobiles also generated $2.3 billion in profits.

Samsung shipped 30% more phones in Q4 compared to Q3. Samsung expects that the demand for LTE and entry level smartphones will push the market upward by more than 30% over the year.

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