Samsung launches Wave 578

Samsung announced its new handset that runs on its own bada operating system. The name of the handset is Wave 578.

One of the key features of the new handset is the Near Field Communication technology that can be used for touch-based coupons, ticketing and mobile payments. It also comes with preloaded Samsung App Store and the social Hub software for social networking and managing contacts.

Samsung has also extended its existing NFC partnership with Orange that will allow Orange to sell the new device in France, Spain and Portugal from Quarter 2 of this year and then extend the market to other countries. Orange is also planning to launch the new NFC handsets from Nokia and LG.

As per Orange EVP of Mobile Services Anne Bouverot, this is the third biggest revolution in the mobile phone arena after the voice services and the mobile data services. As per her, this new service is bound to change people’s lives.

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