Samsung is the World’s No. 1 smartphone company

As per Strategy Analytics, the research firm, Samsung sold 27.8 million smartphone units in Q3, a four-fold jump from a year ago.

The profits from smartphone sales of the company, as a result, doubled to $2.2 billion.

The 44% growth that Samsung experienced is attributed to the fantastic performance of Samsung’s Galaxy range of smartphones and to a lesser extent, its Wave Bada smartphones. This growth also takes Samsung ahead of Apple.

Apple saw a 16-17% slump in its smartphone sales and sold 17.1 million units in the same period. It is thought that Apple’s sales figures plummeted due to consumers choosing to wait for iPhone 4S. So, based on this theory, Q4 should be a good quarter for Apple. And the indications are also such as the opening weekend saw them sell 4 million units.

The battle between iOS and Android has also continued as Google has profited from the sales of Galaxy smartphones.

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