Samsung Bada to have Rugby Nations and Hockey Nations

Samsung’s Bada is being backed by Distinctive Developments for two exciting sport games.

Samsung created the new platform Bada give consumers more choice in terms of Smartphone devices.

Ruby Nations and Hockey Nations are already hits on iPhone. These will now be launched on the Samsung Bada platform in July and August. Android has helped Bada to launch its Smartphone venue for its own IP titles. Distinctive Developments, a leading British mobile game developer, has used their in-house technology for porting the games.

Nigel Little, MD of Distinctive Developments, stated that the in-house technology of the company will enable them to incorporate all applications, titles and games of new and existing platforms. This step will help Distinctive Developments to take into account the needs of all types of consumers. They will also be able to incorporate features of each handset and groups of handsets simultaneously.

A six on six ice hockey match can be enjoyed as much as passing and tackling the rugby ball using touch screen controls.

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