Samsung and Nokia ahead of Apple in emerging markets

Marketing technology firm Upstream has revealed that Apple handsets are in third position in the emerging markets while Samsung and Nokia occupy the first and second positions respectively.

Now that Galaxy S4 has been launched Apple will find it even further to maintain its current market share. As far as the emerging markets are concerned Apple has already lost the battle against the Korean electronics giant while Nokia has emerged as the main competitor to Samsung.

Samsung leads the emerging market share with 32% followed by Nokia with 22% and Apple with 21%. This is as per the poll conducted among 3,670 adults across Brazil, India, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia. 37% Nigerians wish to own a Nokia, making it #1 in their wish list and in Brazil also Samsung and Nokia occupy the first two positions.

Smartphones continue to fuel appetites with 16% willing to spend more than $450 on their device.

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