16 sold quietly

One of the most historic epics in the mobile entertainment business that began with the investment of £20 and generated hundreds of millions of pounds has now come to an end.

Mobile Streams, amid a lot of quiet, has sold its URL for $750,000.

Simon Buckingham, CEO Mobile Streams was in a meeting with Nokia where he was being shown the demo of 8110 Matrix, the first handset supporting ringtones. He was then employed with Vodafone UK. He checked whether was available as a domain name and bought it for £20.

Soon, the site started attracting hundreds of visitors who were paying as much as $17.99 for a tone. Other business partnerships soon followed and the website became one of the largest in the world, being available in 43 countries.

He disclosed that he could sell at a higher price but when you are talking in 37,500% profit then you wouldn’t complain, would you? gives you the best mobile bingo reviews – our current favourite is mmmBingo.

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