RIM sued in US and Canada

RIM’s BlackBerry services went for a toss earlier this month.

The crash happened in a UK tech site. Many customers immediately talked about moving to other devices. More worryingly for RIM, many talked about suing them as they couldn’t access their emails and BBM and couldn’t browse the web.

Now, consumers in US and Canada have sued RIM over the outage that they faced. These customers are totally unhappy with the $100 worth of free apps that RIM offered.

A lawsuit was fined in a California court on behalf of all US BlackBerry customers that had an active service agreement during the outage. The lawsuit has been filed for unjust enrichment, negligence and breach of contract.

The Quebec Superior Court has seen the filing of a similar lawsuit that states that RIM must take full responsibility for the damages caused.

RIM has 2.4 million customers in California alone and earns $3.4 million a day in service revenue from Verizon and Sprint customers.

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