RIM releases its UK BlackBerry user figure at a shade below 7 million

RIM has criticized comScore for releasing inaccurate figures of the UK smartphone market.

As per comScore, the number of BlackBerry users in the UK is 3.59 million, behind others like Android, iPhone and Symbian. As per RIM the number is a shade below 7 million. RIM recently released a media statement with the corrected figures.

The reason for such a wide gap between the two figures is attributed to the fact that MobiLens, the company that did the survey for comScore, measured the figure basis the number of people that use a smartphone as their primary handset. MobiLens also excluded those users that are 13 years old and under. With all the negative publicity in the recent months it comes as no surprise that RIM has been so active in correcting the figures.

comScore says that iPhone has the largest market share in UK with 27.1%, followed by Android at 26.7% and Symbian at 22.5%. But RIM’s latest figures mean that they are the biggest in UK.

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